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If you're invoicing manually, when the end of the month rolls around you’re not generating all the revenue you could. There’s added cash flow locked in each one of those invoices your team is manually creating in Excel or a Microsoft Access program.

More revenue. Easier day-to-day.

Turn invoicing into a revenue opportunity. Plus, no more wasting time generating employer invoices manually from their benefit administration system in either Excel or Access.

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Purpose-built technology.

We've helped TPAs across the country streamline their operations, carve out time for accounts payable activities, create differentiation in their marketplace, and win more business. We're confident we could help you, too.

What's included in your free checklist:

  • Ways to be 100% certain you're billing for every service rendered
  • How to free up time for accounts receivable activities
  • Data points that drive better accounts receivable results
  • Turning invoicing into a revenue opportunity
  • How to finally say "no problem" to complex broker requests for detailed invoices
  • How automated technology can generate bulk NACHA and ACH files with a push of a button
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"TPA Stream brought a number of outside functions in-house for us. The fact that it’s integrated with our system is amazing. The overall flexibility makes managing billing and commissions so much faster and easier for my team."

Ross Honig
Office of Compliant Administration

"We have clients that need invoices presented different ways and with TPA Stream, we can produce 30 invoice formats in only minutes. This used to take 5 or more days. We're able to provide this benefit to our customers and drive more revenue."

Mary Catherine Tompkins
Vice President of Finance
Admin America

About TPA Stream

TPA Stream is a healthcare software company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 2014, TPA Stream’s web-based platform services brokers, third-party administrators, health plans, and financial institutions to streamline efficiencies across all aspects of employee benefits administration. Company solutions include Claims Harvesting, Employer Invoicing, and Claims & Enrollment integrations that connect directly with benefit administration systems, saving time, improving accuracy, and ensuring easier access to employee health benefits.

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